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From Vince Ferraraccio, Code Enforcement Officer During the past two years, on behalf of the Village, I have referred 26 Housing Court cases to the Town of Cheektowaga for lack of compliance. Cases are only referred after several violation notices have been sent to the property owners and they failed to remedy or contact my office as to an acceptable schedule of repairs. In December, the Board and I met with Judge Paul Piotrowski to discuss referral procedures and to streamline enforcement of cases. We believe that strict code enforcement helps to preserve our neighborhoods, protect residents’ property value and the quality of our community. Over the past five years, we have built a successful partnership with the Buffalo Land Bank, who has provided financial assistance for both demolitions and rehabilitations of structures throughout our Village. They have recently acquired 137 Griffith Street, which has been vacant for 6 years, and will be rehabilitating the property this summer. Hopefully by fall, it will be up for sale and another family will be afforded the opportunity to join the Village of Sloan. With the passage of the Foreclosure Relief Act of 2016, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of vacant, distressed homes across WNY. It mandates quicker foreclosure actions by banking institutions and property maintenance during the foreclosure process. If you are in jeopardy of losing your home, guidance is offered through the Western New York Law Center. Please contact them at 855-0203 x118 for FREE legal advice on your pending foreclosure. Do NOT vacate your home without speaking to them first! You have the right to stay on the premises until foreclosure is final, which may take 6 months to a year or more. Adding on? Repairing? Replacing? Check to see if a permit is required! A permit is required for all work performed on your property in the Village of Sloan except cosmetic work (e.g. painting, wallpaper, etc.) For any questions about whether a permit is required or to register a complaint, contact Village Hall at (716) 897-1560 or visit the Code Enforcement Officer every Wednesday from 4:30 pm till 6:00 pm at Village Hall. Please visit the Treasurer's Page for information on applicable fees for your project. Visit this page for additional information on fees for other construction projects.

Pool Installation Information (Flyer available at Village Hall)

What is really required for In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools? The following is a summarized list of rules and regulations of the State of New York and the Village of Sloan regarding the safety requirements for the installation of new and maintenance of existing in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of requirements. If you have any questions call Village Hall before beginning work on your new or existing pool. BUILDING PERMITS are required for the installation of all pools capable of holding more than 24 inches of water. Permit application must be made by the Home Owner if he or she is doing the work OR the pool company/installer. The following must be provided with the permit application: 1. Copy of the property survey 2. Diagram showing the proposed location of the pool 3. Written approval from the servicing Electrical Utility Company verifying the propsed pool location with regard to the vicinity of all overhead power line and underground power lines 4. Approval of the proposed drainage plan for in-ground pool locations by the Village Engineer 5. Copies of Pool Installers Liability, Workers Comp and Disability Insurance Certificates LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: Pools, including attached decking and/or concrete walk areas for in-ground pools, need to be a minimum of five (5) feet from any property lines and a minimum of ten (10) feet from any accessory structure (Garages, Sheds, etc.) Pools, including attached decking and/or concrete walk areas for in-ground pools, need to be clear of any easements and/or right-of-ways. POOL BARRIERS: An outdoor swimming pool, including an in-ground, above-ground or on-ground pool, hot tub or spa shall be provided with a barrier that is a minimum of four (4) feet above finished grade and provided with a locking gate or self closing latching door and an approved audible alarm if the dwelling is to be used as a portion of the barrier. Spas and hot tubs with safety covers complying with ATMD F 1346 shall be exempt from the barrier requirements of the code. ELECTRICAL WORK: All electrical service for the pool shall comply with the provisions of the New York State Residential Code Chapters 33 through 42. An approved electrical inspection is required. RECEPTACLES that provide power for water pump motors or other loads directly related to the circulation and sanitation system shall be located between five (5) and ten (10) feet from the inside wall of the pool, and shall be a single-locking grounding type protected by a GFCI. At least one additional receptacle shall be located a minimum of ten (10) feet and no greater than twenty (20) feet from the inside wall of the pool, spa and/or hot tub unless otherwise approved by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. SWITCHING DEVICES shall be located not less than five (5) feet from the inside wall of the pool, spa and/or hot tub, except where separated by a solid fence, wall or permanent barrier. DISCONNECTING MEANS shall be provided as accessible and located with in sight and no more than five (5) feet from the inside wall of the pool, spa and/or hot tub. FLEXIBLE CORDS used in conjunction with permanently installed pools, spas and/or hot tubs other than for underwater lighting fixtures, fixed or stationary equipment rated 20 amps or less shall have a length of no more than three (3) feet and have a copper equipment grounding connector no smaller than #12 and shall be provided with a grounding type of attachment plug unless otherwise approved. BONDING: The following equipment shall be bonded together: All metal parts of the pool spa and/or hot tub shells, coping stones and decks All forming shells and mounting brackets of no-niche fixtures All metal fittings within or attached to the pool, spa and/or hot tub Metal parts of electrical equipment associated with the installation Metal sheathing, cables and raceways Metal piping and all fixed metal parts within five (5) feet horizontally or twelve (12) feet above the maximum water level of the pool, spa and/or hot tub GROUNDING: The following equipment shall be grounded: Wet-niche, no-niche and dry-niche underwater lighting fixtures All electrical equipment located within five (5) feet of the inside wall of the pool, spa and/or hot tub All equipment associated with the recirculation system, junction boxes, transformer enclosures, GFCIs, panel boards that are not part of the service equipment and supply any electrical equipment associated with the pool, spa and/or hot tub STORABLE SWIMMING POOLS: A cord connected pool filter pump shall incorporate an approved system of double insulation or its equivalent and shall be provided with the means for grounding only the internal and non-accessible non-current carrying metal parts of the appliance. The means of grounding shall be an equipment grounding conductor run with the power supply conductors in a flexible cord properly terminated in a grounding-type attachment plug having fixed grounding contact. SPAS AND HOT TUBS: The outlet(s) that supplies a self-contained spa or hot tub equipment, or a packaged spa or hot tub equipment assembly, or field assembled spa or hot tub with a heater load of fifty (50) amps or less shall be protected by a GFCI. UPDATED NYS REQUIREMENTS POOL ALARMS: Every residential swimming pool installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 17, 2006, shall be equipped with an approved alarm which: 1. Is capable of detecting a child entering the water and giving an audible alarm upon the child entering the water 2. Is audible at poolside and other locations on the premises 3. Installed, used and maintained as per the manufacturer's instructions 4. Must be independent testing agency approved 5. Shall not be a device located on a person or which is dependent on devices located on persons for its proper operation ENTRAPMENT PROTECTION FOR SUCTION OUTLETS GENERAL: Suction outlets shall be designed to produce circulation throughout the pool or spa. Single outlet systems, such automatic vacuum cleaner systems, or other such multiple suction outlets, whether isolated by valves or otherwise, shall be protected against user entrapment. SUCTION FITTINGS: All pool and spa suction outlets shall be provided with a cover that conforms with ANSI/ASME A112.19.8M, or a 12"x12" drain grate or larger, or an approved channel drain system. EXCEPTION: Surface skimmers
This page contains information about swimming pool codes & permit requirements. Please visit this page for information about other construction projects.
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