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Waste Management News
Waste Management (WM) uses fully automated vehicles which results in stricter adherence to regulations. No extra bags or loose debris can be placed outside of your trash or recycling totes. All regular household trash, grass clippings and yard debris must be bagged and placed inside of your tote. Materials may not protrude and the lid must close securely to prevent rodent access. Totes should be placed at curbside by 6:00am on the day of collection. Totes must be located within two (2) feet of the curb and with enough room for the hydraulic lift arm to operate. If you live on the parking side of the street, please place trash and recycling totes on your driveway apron to prevent them from being blocked by vehicles as WM will not return if inaccessible the first time. Waste Management will pick up ONLY TWO (2) bulk items per address monthly. Bulk items consist of: Furniture, carpet/padding (cut in 4’ lengths or less, no wider then 18” and securely taped) Box springs, mattresses, and toilets (which all must be wrapped in plastic or bagged). Large plastic bags are available for purchase at various local home building stores. Items NOT ACCEPTED: Microwaves Air conditioners Concrete Tires Construction material Televisions Computers WM has seen an increase of items placed for disposal in the recycling totes that are NOT ACCEPTABLE such as food plastic bags, rugs, bedding, clothing, carpet, hoses, holiday lights, extension cords, clothes hangers, napkins, plates, cups, tissues, foam or plastic to-go containers, yard waste, wood, concrete, construction debris, blow up pools, auto parts and hazardous waste. For any questions on what is acceptable BULK or RECYCLABLES please contact WM Customer Service at 1- 800-972-4545 or Village Hall directly. Our DPW picks up metal items (not e-waste) on a weekly basis. UPCOMING BULK DATES: November 30th, December 29th. EXCESSIVE TRASH can be taken directly to the Eastside transfer station at 793 South Ogden, near Big Lots. There is a fee charged, based on weight. ELECTRONIC OR E-WASTE recycling is now available at the Town of Cheektowaga Highway Garage located at 3145 Union, Monday through Friday from the hours of 7:30am to 1:00pm. This service is provided FREE to all residents!