Mayor’s Office
On February 17th, Village Hall staff and I attended the Annual State of The Town address hosted by the Cheektowaga Chamber of Commerce. Supervisor Benczkowski focused on the progress the Town has made in commercial development, services provided and the amazing heroics of our First Responders during the December blizzard. Attracting new business to a community results in benefits beyond expanding our property tax base. It creates local jobs and generates revenue. For our Village, we have been working towards a revitalization of our “Broadway Business Corridor” which stretches from Harlem to the Buffalo City line. In the past three years, two vacant houses were demolished to accommodate the expansion of the Sunoco Gas Corner Market. The same owners have purchased the vacant property at 2307 Broadway and plan a retail space development. This month, we welcome Sweet Temptations Bakery and Coffee Shop at 2095 Broadway, and recently received notice that a Village resident will be purchasing 2055 for a new restaurant. Lastly, a complete rehabilitation and new office space is underway at the prior T&D Ceramics. Revitalization of existing or under-used properties removes neighborhood blight, creates jobs and helps our community prosper. On behalf of the Board, I would like to commend our Sloan Fire and Highway Departments for their outstanding response during the December blizzard. Every employee and volunteer worked together, responding to stranded motorists, search and rescues, snow removal and so much more, all under extremely dangerous weather conditions. Hats off to each and every one of you who gave up Christmas with your families to keep our Village safe! After sixteen months, our brand-new truck was delivered to the Sloan Fire Department! The Rosenbauer Engine is a twin to the 2018 E-1, and has been placed into service. Our 2004 American LaFrance engine was purchased by a Fire Department in Maine, where it will serve the Town of Prospect. Due to manufacturer delays and supply issues, we are still waiting for our two new plow trucks to arrive, hopefully by late fall of 2023 and before winter arrives. This past January, our Attorney James Vallone passed away unexpectedly. Jim’s extensive municipal experience for both the Villages of Sloan and Depew, as well as his Judgeship in the Town of Cheektowaga will be greatly missed. I would like to extend a welcome to our newest highway employee, Matthew Hinckley. He and his wife, Rachael, own a home in the Village where they are raising three daughters. Welcome to the team Matt! We hope to see you all at the 13th Annual Soup-on-Sunday being held on March 5th!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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