Mayor’s Office
Growing up in Western New York, we have all heard the saying “There are two seasons in Buffalo… Winter and Construction”. This is especially true in our Village this year. The residents of Michael Avenue have been extremely patient the past 11 months while Erie County Water Authority experienced many delays in replacing water lines. The Village has prioritized its sanitary sewer work and manhole rehabilitation on that street which will then be paved later this year. Our other top priorities will be storm drainage and curbing on “Southside”, beginning on Grattan and Lehigh, with paving of both streets and Wrazen to follow; and the reconstruction of sewers on lower Atlantic, lower Wagner and a portion of Curtiss, which have been combined storm and sanitary systems. Storm water that flows into the sanitary system causes backups and is costly to treat. Reducing storm water inflow ultimately saves the Village and therefore you, the taxpayer, substantial money. Since 2011, we adopted a mandatory storm inspection requirement for every property being sold in the Village. Since then, the Code Official has completed 514 inspections with over 50 illicit discharges being detected and remedied. “Illicit Discharges” are any connections that introduce storm water into the sanitary or sanitary into the storm systems. Examples would be sump pumps draining into laundry tubs or gutters/downspouts flowing into rain leaders. At our Board Work Session on June 23rd, Trustee Paula Bruscani arranged to have a representative from Buffalo Solar to present information on both solar fields and rooftop panels. The Village owns approximately 14 acres of land along Lovejoy Street that may be suitable for a ground level solar panel field. This has the potential to generate much needed revenue for our residents. Deputy Mayor Eric Czubaj and Trustee Linda Ostempowski have met with a small group of southside residents and developed a plan of improvements for Wrazen Park. New swings and upgrades to the shelter will be completed this year with a future plan for fencing, seating and trees. After a year hiatus, the Summer Concert Series in Griffith Park resumes on June 24th with our returning favorite Crash Cadillac! Listed on page 4 is the full schedule of events with the summer being topped off with the “ Thank Our Veterans” gala on August 19th!! Join us and enjoy a few nights out with friends, family and neighbors!!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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