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From Vince Ferraraccio
Title 1203 of the 19 NYCRR, mandates each municipality in New York State to inspect all residential properties that are more than two family for health and safety every three years. This past summer, my office mailed notices to owners of approximately one- third of multiple dwellings in the Village of Sloan advising of this requirement. Response has been lower than expected; if you have received a letter and have not submitted the application yet, please do so and we can schedule an appointment. Once the property is in compliance, a subsequent inspection will not have to be completed for three more years. In the past two years, I have referred thirty cases to the Town of Cheektowaga Housing Court for enforcement. Court cases are the final step afforded to a Code Enforcement Officer and only after several Notices of Violation or Orders to Remedy have been sent to the property owner. Should you receive such notification, please correct all violations in a timely manner and contact my office to review. The condition and maintenance of structures plays a vital role in the success and preservation of our Village community. Our goal is code compliance, preserving property values and maintaining quality neighborhoods