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New Solid Waste Collection Information
The Village of Sloan Code, Chapter 183, has been updated to address changes in the trash and recycling program for our residents and property owners. Most impactful changes are: Storage of totes: Totes can now be placed alongside your house or garage or behind your house or garage. They cannot be stored in the front of your house or business. Placement at curbside: Totes can be placed out at curbside for pickup no earlier than 6:00pm the evening before a scheduled pickup and must be removed from curbside to an appropriate storage location before 9:00pm on the day of pickup. Weight of totes: Maximum weight of a 95-gallon tote shall not exceed 150lbs. Maximum weight of a 65-gallon tote shall not exceed 100lbs. Additional tote fees: Should an additional tote be needed, a 95-gallon trash tote shall incur an annual charge of $200.00. A 65-gallon trash tote shall incur a $140.00 annual charge. Multiple Dwelling fees: Any property in excess of two units (residential or business) shall incur an annual charge of $200.00 per unit over two. Portable/temporary dumpsters (“Bagsters”) limits: Portable/temporary bagsters shall be removed within fourteen (14) days of placement or when full, whichever occurs first. For a full reading of the amended Chapter, please click here. Beginning in November, our service provider for the collection of solid waste will be Waste Management. In an effort to control the rising costs of service, Waste Management will only be picking up bulk items once a month, and it is limited to two items per address. Bulk items consist of furniture, mattresses, rolled/bound carpet etc. To protect the workers, mattresses/box springs must be bagged if they show any signs of contamination or infestation. The first bulk pickup with Waste Management will be on November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving. The truck that retrieves the bulk items is not the same as the tote trash truck (which is fully automated). Waste Management, for the safety of their employees, does NOT pick up trash from both sides of the street at the same time. If one side is completed, it may be 1 ½ to 2 hours before the other side is picked up. For the past several years, we have asked residents to place their grass clippings and spring yard waste in the brown, paper lawn & leaf bags. Waste Management, being fully automated for totes, WILL NOT pick up ANY extra bags of debris outside of the tote. Therefore, all grass clippings and yard waste must be bagged and put INSIDE of the trash tote. Waste Management utilizes fully automated vehicles, which results in stricter adherence to the regulations. No extra bags or loose debris can be placed outside of the trash or recycling totes. All totes must fully close and be appropriately placed at curbside, with arrows facing the street and wheels towards the sidewalk. The totes must be within 2’ of the curb and be placed with enough room for the hydraulic lift arm to operate. If you live on the parking side of the street, please keep all totes closer to your driveway or on the driveway approach, to avoid interference from parked vehicles. Our Highway Department will continue to pick up leaves throughout the fall as always. Leaves can be raked onto the “headland” area, between the sidewalk and curb. Highway will also continue to pick up metal items and bundled branches on a weekly basis. Christmas trees can be placed at curbside on the regular trash day until the end of January and do not have to be bagged. The schedule of recyclable pickup will remain every other week as in the past. Recyclable items must not be contaminated with food or liquids. The list of non-acceptable items is as follows: Styrofoam Batteries Clothing Needles Furniture Medical Waste Wood Construction Debris Carpet Food Liquids Film Plastic and Plastic Bags Contaminated loads of recyclables actually cost the Village money, as they need to be disposed of in a landfill instead of being a marketable product. The flyer that was mailed to each house by Waste Management details more of what is acceptable for both trash and recycling. Waste Management’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-972-4545