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The Sloan Comfort Care Home(SCCH) opened this past August on the St. Andrew Church campus. The Comfort Care system has been active throughout the U.S. but the Sloan Home is the first founded in Erie County. Their mission is to provide care for individuals near the end of their life without fear of suffering, loss of dignity, or financial expense for themselves and their families. Since opening, the SCCH has successfully cared for over 12 guests, ensuring their peaceful death surrounded by their loving families and staff. Their hope of being operated primarily by volunteers has been hampered by the pandemic, necessitating the employment of paid caregivers. The impact has resulted in the SCCH struggling financially and they are seeking community assistance through a monetary donation or donations of much needed everyday items (i.e. Tide detergent, bleach, paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, postage and single serve beverage items). Donations can be made directly to SCCH at 17 Gierlach Street as well as monetary gifts via personal check, Paypal (Account Health Community INC, Sloan Comfort Care) or Venmo @SloanComfortCareHome. The SCCH is always seeking volunteers in any capacity, especially for direct patient care, and training will be provided. They can be reached at (716) 931-5011. Your ongoing support is so vital to keeping their palliative care mission possible!