Mayor’s Office
This Spring has seen the continuation of construction on the “Southside” streets of Celina and Mann. Similar to the 2021 project on Grattan and Lehigh Streets, storm grade drainage upgrades to correct elevation issues, repair of drain inlets and the installation of curbs will improve the flow of water and reduce flooding during heavy rains. Sanitary sewers have been repaired and slip lined to prevent inflow of storm water into the sanitary, which saves treatment costs, and sanitary into storms, which results in pollution to Lake Erie. Next month will see the milling and paving of Celina, Mann, Strawn and Wrazen Parkway. On behalf of my fellow Board members, I want to thank the Sloan DPW for installing the two new swing sets at Wrazen Park. The project was paid through a 2021 grant by County Legislator Tim Meyers, which also allowed us to remove the old shelter that was beyond repair. More projects are slated in the next few years for Wrazen Park, most notably the replacement of twenty year old playground equipment. The sports courts at Griffith Park are also getting a much needed overhaul this summer. The 120x150’ area will be paved, have new drainage and fencing installed. Trustee Eric Czubaj has been instrumental in the design of the area, which will host a roller hockey rink, one basketball court, two foursquare and three pickleball courts. Assemblywoman Monica Wallace secured funding for a large portion of this project with the balance being allocated through the Village budget. Assemblywoman Wallace has also secured a grant of $40,000 for our Sloan Fire Department to purchase two Thermal Imaging cameras, upgraded fire hose and a replacement Extrication Tool. Partnering with our state and local representatives affords the Village the means to continue providing superior services and recreational offerings to our community members. Please take advantage of our beautiful weather in our too-short summers in WNY. Visit one of our beautiful parks, bring your children or grandchildren to the Splashpad or enjoy a free concert at Griffith beginning June 23rd. For a full concert listing, see page four of this publication. See you around the neighborhood!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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