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Sloan’s Early History
The Postmasters of Sloan as recorded in the Postal History of WNY by Pitt Petri were: Edward Green 1892 Leon Sadler 1894 Catherine Leahy 1895 Alfred Ackley 1895 George Meadway 1897 Erastus Smith 1902 Lulu Smith 1905 John Meahl 1910 The Postmaster position was discontinued and became part of the Buffalo Delivery system December 31, 1914. On March 25, 1901, John H. Meahl became Village President and continued until 1917. Mr. Meahl was a well-educated and vigorous man. A former schoolmaster, insurance agent and real estate developer, Meahl was also Postmaster and, later, Erie County Clerk. He then moved into Buffalo and was elected City Councilman. During his administration as Village President, with the aid of the Village Trustees, Ackley, Horton, Heisenbuttle and Kochensberger, the sidewalks were paved and the Western New York Water Company extended their water mains and fire hydrants. Always alert and untiring throughout his administration, his efforts to bring industry into the area resulted in The American Agriculture Company and the Milsom Fertilizer Plants being located in the William Street area of Sloan. His favorite expression was, “Never turn down an old friend for a new friend.” Following Mr. Meahl’s retirement in 1917, he was succeeded by John C. Stiglmeier, who served in that office until 1933. He was elected supervisor of the Town of Cheektowaga in 1919 and served in dual roles as Village Mayor and Town Supervisor until 1931. Mr. Stiglmeier soon recognized the needs of a growing community in the Village. It was through his efforts that both sanitary and storm sewers were installed and village streets were paved. A new Village Hall and a new Fire Hall were built. A motorized fire apparatus replaced antiquated equipment. Stiglmeier knew the danger of the railroad grade crossing at the south end of Halstead Avenue. He spared no effort until an underpass was added on Lovejoy Street which assured safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike. The elimination of this grade crossing in 1917 gave Sloan residents safe and easy access to the City of Buffalo. Do you have documentation or artifacts from Sloan’s history? Do you know someone who does? We would love to include them on this web site! Please send an email to: webmaster@villageofsloan.org or call Village Hall at (716) 897-1560 to tell us about it! Here are some examples of items: o Old Newspapers or newspaper clippings o Old Photographs o Any old Documents, Certificates or ledgers o Diaries or journals o Do you remember the “good ol’ days?” Share your memories with current & future generations! All artifacts will be handled carefully as they are photographed/scanned, then promptly returned to you!