© Village of Sloan, NY
From Vince Ferraraccio
After many years of Housing Court with the owner, we have finally seen the demolition of 11 Halstead Avenue. At Mayor Ferrucci’s direction, I took all legal steps necessary to condemn and raze the structure after the owner failed to follow through on a Court Ordered Demolition. The vacant lot will be pursued by the Buffalo, Erie & Niagara Land Bank for purchase at the County auction in September and then will be sold for development. Property development in our Village expands the tax base and benefits all residents. The large lot on Harlem Road at William Street should also see some improvements this year. American Tire (WECO Tire) has submitted preliminary plans to construct a repair shop and conduct auto sales at that location. They are currently awaiting finalization of an EPA Brownfield Project for the site prior to building. Lastly, a new duplex is currently under construction on Halstead Avenue, where a home burned last year. The Village is now participating in the “Zombie Task Force” instituted by Erie County Clerk Kearns. The new “Zombie” Laws in NYS, places the responsibility of property maintenance on the foreclosing bank. Working with the Western NY Law Center, I have referred 3 properties in the Village to be registered with the Task Force and the Department of Financial Services, who is charged with enforcing the Zombie Laws. This is just another tool we have available to fight vacant and foreclosed homes. If you are in jeopardy of bank foreclosure, do not leave your property until you speak with the WNY Law Center at 855-0203. They will fight on your behalf with your bank to keep you in your home. And, the service they is FREE.