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From Vince Ferraraccio
In an effort to combat “zombie” properties in the Village, we partnered with County Clerk Mickey Kearns and the WNY Law Center to have a house demolished at 2331 Broadway last year. The lot has since been sold to the neighboring gas station and they are currently expanding their business. My office has now begun the process of demolition on a second Broadway property at 2123. Our attorney has completed the required Title Search and the structure has been officially condemned by myself and the Village Engineer. On July 12th, a Public Hearing will be held by the Board of Trustees to accept comments from any interested or vested parties. My office has been receiving an increasing number of complaints of uncut grass this year throughout the Village. All grass, weeds and growth should never exceed 10”, as stipulated in NYS Code. High growth is both unsightly and provides harborage for rodents. As summer arrives, we want to remind our residents of some pool safety regulations. All pools capable of holding more than 24” of water require the issuance of a building permit by the Village. This includes both blow-up and PVC pools. Although they are readily for sale by big box stores, they must meet all safety, electrical and barrier requirements as regulated by the NYS Uniform Building Code. Safety is the top priority and design controls are intended to provide protection against potential drowning. Let’s work together to keep our Village an attractive, safe community to live and raise a family in! In conjunction with Title 19 Part 1203, New York State mandates the tri-annual inspection of all multi-dwelling structures in our municipality. A multi-dwelling is any residentially occupied structure with three or more apartments. If you own one of these properties, you can contact Village Hall at 716-897-1560 to arrange an inspection. The cost will be $25.00/per unit. The required inspection will include life and safety issues, along with general property maintenance of both interior and exterior areas, and accessory structures (fencing, garage, shed etc.). This inspection is required every three years. My office will be mailing out applications in the next few weeks if your inspection is scheduled for 2022.